Electrophysiology Sensors:

Electrophysiology Sensors

Q-S207 EKG / EMG Sensor

Qubit Systems' Surface Q-S207 Electrocardiogram / Electromyogram (EKG / EMG) Sensor measures Voltage Waveforms produced during the contraction of the Heart (EKG) as well as during other muscle contraction (EMG). The action potential during heart muscle contraction or other muscles' contraction can be recorded by surface electrodes as electrical activity at skin surface.....Read More

Q-S222 GSR Sensor

The Q-S222 Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor measures the psycho-galvanic reflex. This reflex generates a change in skin conductivity during periods of stress, excitement or shock. The changes in skin conductance are measured by the Q-S222 GSR Sensor in micro Semens (µS). The sensor has 2 Analog Outputs, a High Range (40µS) and a Low Range (5µS). The 5µS output can be offset with a Potentiometer to.....Read More

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