Data Acquisition System

LINKBUFF - 2000 Distributed Data Acquisition System

LINKBUFF 2000 is a Distributed Data Collection System which consists of upto 128 Smart Buffer Boxes (upto 32kb Data Each) and a Data Collection Software. The Data Collection Software Scans each one of the Smart Buffer Boxes for New Data, Collects and Filters the Requested Information from the Data and Saves that into an ACCESS® Compatible .mdb Database, Together with the Time & Date Information, Instrument Name ID and User's Comments.

  1. Features:
  2. Upto 128 Instruments per Network.
  3. Industrial RS - 485 Data Collection Metwork.
  4. Interfaces All kinds of Instruments, from any Manufacturer with Serial or Parallel Outputs (Optional).
  5. Any Baud Rate from 300 to 19200bps.
  6. Upto 32KB Memory per Unit.
  7. Low Cost per Instrument.
  8. Optional Battery Backups.

The Smart Boxes can Collect Data by "listening" to a Serial Printer Port or Handshaking with Another Computer or by Direct Handshaking to the Instrument. This Configuration Allows the Host Computer to Collect Error Free Data Automatically and Reliably, without Any User's Interference or Errors. It is Most Suitable for ISO-9000 Qualified Factories and Laboratories, where Data Collection must be Error Free and Backed-up on a Main Computer.

Each Record of Data is Saved in a Temporary Database and is Transferred into the Main Database after the Approval of a Technician / Qualified Person Only. The Database File can be Saved into Any Network Drive.

  1. Applications:
  2. Data Collection in Research and Testing Laboratories.
  3. Industrial Control: Monitoring of Machines, Sensors, etc.
  4. ISO 9000 Aid for Reliable Data Collection.
  5. Backup and Log File of Manufacturing and Testing Process.

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