Thermal Anemometry

AN - 1002 Low-Cost Hot-Wire Anemometry Mainframe

The AN - 1002 is a Low Cost Mainframe made for AN - 1003 or AN - 1005 Hot-Wire and Hot-Film Anemometry Channels. This Mainframe is an Excellent Solution for Customers who Need a Low-Cost Mainframe for Housing Only One or Two Channels.

The Mainframe includes an Internal Pulse / Square Wave Generator for Running the Pulse Response Test and an Internal 100mV Voltage Reference for Calibration of the Amplifier’s Gain. It interfaces to an Oscilloscope and External Data Acquisition System via BNC’s on Front Panel.

Channel’s Setup is done with the Aid of an External Digital Voltmeter and an Oscilloscope. The Mainframe Includes an External Power Supply which Includes all Necessary Voltages for Driving 2 Channels.

  1. Features:
  2. Portable System: upto 2 Channels.
  3. Simple Operation using Toggle Switches.
  4. Very Low Cost!
  5. Ideal for Research and Education.
  6. Use the High Performance AN - 1003 and AN - 1005 Channels
  7. Easy Operation.
  8. Easy, Step by Step Calibration Software for All Probe Types, for Liquid or Gas, Velocity or Temperature.
  1. Technical Specifications:

Channel’s Specifications

C.T.A Bridge

C.C.A Bridge

Non-Linear Constant Temperature Type

Constant Current Anemometer, Option 11

Bridge Ratio:

1:10 and 1:1

Fixed Currents:

1, 2, 5, 10, 20mA and any Combination of those Current Levels

High Power Mode:

1:20 and 1:2

Variable Current Source:

0.3 - 30mA; Selected Current is Displayed on Test-Module

Sensor Resistance Range

Power Supply

1:1 Bridge:

0.5 - 99.9Ω (Ohm)

Output Voltages:

±15V, ±5V

1:10 Bridge:

1.0 - 9.99Ω (Ohm)

Maximum Current (@±15V):


Cable Resistance Compensation:

0.2 - 1.2Ω (Ohm)

Hum & Noise:


Maximum Closed Loop Bandwidth

Signal Conditioner

1:1 Bridge:

DC - 120kHz

Output Voltage Range:


1:10 Bridge:

DC - 100kHz

Amplifier Gain:

1 - 20
Pre-settable to Any Gain in Range (May be Ordered with 1 - 50 or 1 - 100 Ranges)

With Option 04:

DC - 500kHz

Gain Accuracy:


Maximum Probe Current

DC Offset:

0 - 10V

x1 Drive:

300mA Max.

Output Impedance

100Ω (Ohm)
50OΩ (Ohms) Available per request

x2 Drive:

600mA Max.

Input Impedance:


Equivalent Input Noise

Typical Input White Noise:


1:1 Bridge:


Frequency Range:

DC - 100kHz

1:10 Bridge:


Typical Equivalent Input Drift:


With Option 01:

400 Picovolts/√Hz

Low-Pass Filter
Triple Pole Butterworth Type
12 Cut-off Frequencies in 2 Bands
(Other Frequency Bands can be Ordered)

Typical Hum Induced in Input:


Lower Band:

300Hz - 5kHz
(6 Frequencies)

Typical Output Noise (5µm Tungsten Probe)

Upper Band:

7kHz - 16kHz
(6 Frequencies)

OHR=1.5, U=0, B.W.=10kHz


Test Module

The Same with Option 01:


Pulse Generator:

Stability: Typical Input Drift



1:1 Bridge


Duty Cycle:

0.1% or 50% Continuous

1:10 Bridge:


Rise Time:


Less than 0.1µV/°C With Option 01

DC Reference

Probe Cable:

5m of RG174 or RG58A

Output Voltages:



Top of Bridge or Amplifier Output


50ppm/°C, 0.1%

All Analog Outputs are available on Front Panel

All Specifications are subject to change without a Prior Notice

For any sort of clarifications kindly contact: