Data Acquisition System

AFL - 6400 Remote & Optically Isolated Data Acquisition System

The AFL - 6400 can be configured as a Remote Data Acquisition System using the USB-2 Interface on the PC Site and the AFL - 6400 at the Remote Site. The Distance between the 2 Sites may be upto 50km. The System may be used to Acquire Data and Display it or Save the Data to a Host Computer. It may also Function as a Transmitter to Transmit Arbitrary Digital or Analog Signals to the AFL - 6400 Digital or Analog Output.

A Monitoring System may be configured in Conjunction with Option 03 (AFL - 6400 Receives Analog and Digital Signals, while the Same Data is Recorded on a Host Computer). See the Illustration below for more details:

The USB-2 Interface has a Control over the Sampling Rate of the System, from the Maximum Frequency Down to 1Hz. The USB-2 Interface may be used as a Data Acquisition System with one AFL - 6400 Bi-Directional Unit, or as a "Listener" Device in a "Back to Back" Configuration of 2 AFL - 6400 Units (Optical Splitter Required).

  1. USB-2 Data Acquisition Software:
  2. The USB-2 Interface is supported by a Data Acquisition, Calibration and Control Program.
    The AFL - 6400 Optically Isolated, Remote Data Acquisition System Include the Following Parts:

  3. AFL - 6400 Module, Bi-directional, with 4/8/16 Analog Inputs/Outputs and 32 Digital Inputs/Outputs.
  4. Duplex, Single Mode Optical Fiber: 20m to 50km (Optional Single Fiber Interface Optics is Available).
  5. Analog / Digital I/O Board.
  6. AFL - 6400 USB-2 Interface.
  7. Power Supply / Battery + Charger.
  8. Operation Software, PC Driver, Lab-View Driver and Programming Examples.
  9. Optional 19" Rack Enclosures.

  10. For More Details, Please refer to the AFL - 6400 Web Page and the Datasheet

  11. This Program Enables the User to View the Input Signals in Real-time:

  12. See the Spectral Analysis of the Input Signals (FFT of 2048 points):

  13. Test the Calibration of the Input and Output Signals:

  14. The Program can acquire the Analog and Digital Data to the Hard Drive and Convert it to ASCII Comma Delimited Files (for Importation to Excel, Word Processors, MatLab etc.). The Program also Converts those Files Back to Binary Files which can be Sent to the AFL - 6400 and Played Back on the Analog and Digital Outputs (Like and Analog and Digital Recorder).

  15. The AFL-6400 Data acquisition system includes full software support:
    1. A fully documented library that can be used with any compiler.
    2. Executable program (see above) for WINXP or WIN7 32 bits.
    3. A sample project that controls the DLL with full documentation.
    4. LabView drivers with documentation.

    Those Tools Help Any Student or a Programmer to Create their Own Interface from an Existing Program or LabView Application.

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