Total Precipitation Collector: TPC-3000

The Model TPC-3000 Total Precipitation Collector is a state-of-the-art automated wet deposition sampler designed for remote operation. It consists of a wet deposition collection bucket that is normally covered by a motor operated lid during non-precipitation events. The user periodically visits the system to recover its precipitation sample bag for off-site lab analysis. Its software-controlled Opti-Grid™ precipitation sensor provides reliable and repeatable open/closed decisions, while ignoring false triggering from insects. It represents a major improvement over older technology that often missed the earliest phases of light precipitation. As the earliest precipitation phases tend to contain higher concentrations of pollutants, this lack of sensitivity biased historical data. The TPC-3000 is also suitable for research on chemical/biological (chem-bio) agent dispersion and emergency response teams providing in-situ collection after a terrorist attack.
Datasheet: PDF

Total Precipitation Sensor: TPS-3100

The Model TPS-3100 Total Precipitation Sensor provides real time snow and liquid precipitation rates at remote automated weather stations. It represents the first fundamental breakthrough in basic precipitation measurement in several decades, and is ideal for mission-critical meteorological and aviation or surface transportation applications. Because it has no moving parts and does not require anti-freeze (as do conventional weighing precipitation gauges), it provides both high accuracy and superior reliability over the entire ±50°C operating range.
Datasheet: PDF

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