Globe Solutionz (About Us)

About Globe Solutionz:

We at Globe Solutionz sell, support and service scientific instruments in various fields and have maintained over the years "High Quality Personalized Sales & After Sales Service to our customers". We work in close coordination with customers and our foreign collaborators to offer technological instruments and systems best suited to Indian conditions.

We also offer total Indian Solutions using Local Contents, Layouts and Hardware.

Globe Solutionz focuses specifically on the needs of Researchers working in the field of Defence, Space, Environment Monitoring, Biological Science, etc. We provide personal direct support to clients in all major regions and continues to market innovative products and solutions.

Globe Solutionz has a detailed understanding of the environmental monitoring market and offers a range of products focusing on industrial processes that could potentially emit pollutants. Globe Solutionz markets and distributes high quality instruments and services related to Pharmaceutical Research, Environmental Testing, Defence and Aero Space Research. We promote core products and expertise while constantly reviewing new innovations to increase industry presence. Client relationships and business partnerships ensures further success and continue our growth worldwide.

Our Clientele includes Esteemed Government Organizations of India, few of them being:

  • Atomic Energy Laboratories
  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Laboratories
  • Defence Research Laboratories
  • Department of Science & Technology Laboratories
  • Indian Meteorological Department
  • Indian Institute of Technologies
  • Ministry of Communication Information & Technology
  • Plasma Research Laboratories
  • Space Research Laboratories

  • Some of the Worldwide Reputed Manufacturers represented by us for India includes: