Data Acquisition System

GAGE - 4000 Digital GAGE Transmitter

  1. Introduction:
  2. The GAGE - 4000 is an Integrated Unit, used for Reading of Many Sensor Types, Frequency, Voltage, Current, Resistance and Digital I/O Pins. The Unit may also Output Analog Voltage, Control I/O Pins or PWM signals.

    Various Types of Sensors may be Read by the GAGE - 4000:
    Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers, RTD Temperature Sensors, Force and Weight Transducers, Resistive Sensors (Thermistors, LDRs etc.). The Unit Reads the Sensor Output, Converts it to Engineering Units (using an internal User's Programmed Calibration Curve) and Transmits the Results (in ASCII Format) via a Standard RS-232 or RS-485 Interface Line to the Host Computer.

    The GAGE - 4000 contains an Innovative A/D Converter, with an Adaptive Resolution of upto 20 bits, Designed especially for Infield Measurements. It’s Low Current Consumption and an Ability to Connect upto 128 Unit on One Communication Line, makes the GAGE - 4000 a Perfect Choice for making Infield Measurements, using Battery Power only. It’s Communication Line can go to Distances of upto 1.2km without Any Performance Penalty or upto 20km, using Relay Units.

  1. Features:
  2. Reading of J, K, R, S, T, B, C Thermocouples and Detection of an Unconnected Sensor.
  3. Reading of Bridge Type Sensors with an Excitation of ±8V.
  4. Isolation of 500V between Sensor Inputs and Digital Interface / Power Supply.
  5. Linearization of Sensor reading using a Polynomial Fit.
  6. Zero reading for all Analog Inputs.
  7. Simultaneous Sampling of upto 128 Units.
  8. Cold Junction Compensation.
  9. RS-232 or RS-485 Communication.
  10. Nonvolatile Memory Retains Setup and Sensor Calibration.
  11. Low Current Consumption.
  12. Power Save Mode.
  1. GAGE - 4000 Models:
    1. Standard (GAGE 4000):
    2. Includes one Thermocouple input, one RTD or resistance input, One differential (mV) input or two single ended millivolts inputs (configured by software), 3 low-resolution (8 bit) A/D, 3 Digital I/O pins capable of being Input, Output or Open Collector type (one of the I/O pins can be configured as a frequency / event counting input), one PWM (analog) output and ± 5V excitation outputs.

    1. GAGE-4001 Digital I/O:
    2. Includes 5 digital I/O pins (Input, Output, Open collector), 3 output pins, 3 Input pins (one of inputs may be configured as a frequency / event counting input), one PWM output and one +5V output for driving dry contact sensors/switches.

    1. GAGE - 4002 Special Units:
    2. Capable of reading voltages of up to 220V, current of up to 20A, Humidity, pH and other physical parameters. These units are manufactured per request, and a minimum order is required.

    1. GAGE - 4003 LCD Display:
    2. May be connected to any of the above units. Capable of displaying the measured parameters configured for this unit. (up to 4 measurements simultaneously), print messages created by the user and read the status of 4 keyboard keys on the unit.

  1. Software:
  2. All Units are Software Programmable via Any Standard Communication Software and can be Chained Using a Standard 4-Wire Telephone Line Cable. Any Unit may be Configured Separately to Read Any of the Connected Sensors, or all of them Together. Drivers available for LABVIEW, GENNIE, etc.

  1. Applications:
  2. Process Control for Factories and Laboratories.
  3. Sensor Reading in Noisy Environment.
  4. Long Time Data Acquisition, using Battery Power.
  5. Process Control and Product Inspection.
  6. Measurement of Various Physical Parameters.
  7. Simultaneous Measurements in Separated Locations.
  8. Heating / Cooling Energy Control.
  9. Multi Station Control.
  10. Remote Operation of Relays, Valves, etc.
  11. Frequency or Event Counting.
  12. Low Volume, Low Weight, Low Cost Measurements.
  1. Technical Specifications:
  2. Reading Accuracy of J, K, R, S, T, B, C Thermocouples: ±0.5°C.
  3. Excitation Voltage: ±8V.
  4. Isolation between Sensor Inputs and Digital Interface / Power Supply: 500V.
  5. RS-232 / RS-485 Transfer Rate: 19,200bps.
  6. Environmental Conditions:
    1. Temperature Range: −20 to +60°C.
    2. Relative Humidity: 5 - 95%, Non-Condensing.
  7. Current Consumption:
    1. In Normal Operation: 35mA.
    2. In Power Save Mode: 8mA Only.

All Specifications are subject to change without a Prior Notice

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