Electrophysiology Sensors:

Q-S207 EKG / EMG Sensor

Qubit Systems' Surface Q-S207 Electrocardiogram / Electromyogram (EKG / EMG) Sensor measures Voltage Waveforms produced during the contraction of the Heart (EKG) as well as during other muscle contraction (EMG).

The action potential during heart muscle contraction or other muscles' contraction can be recorded by surface electrodes as electrical activity at skin surface. The electrical signal is recorded by C610 LabQuest Mini Data Interface and C901 Logger Pro Software but other Data Interface with Software can also be used to record 0-5V Analog Signal.

  1. Placement of Electrodes for EKG
  1. Placement of Electrodes for EMG
  1. Features:
  2. Easy to Use, Safe, Electrode Based System for Measurements of Muscle Contraction
  3. Two Setting Available: EKG (Heart Muscle Contraction) and EMG (Contraction of Other Muscles)
  4. Calculations of Heart Rate in Software (Optional)
  5. Optional Data Interface and Software Available
  6. Manual with Suggested Experiments Included
  1. Applications:
  2. Human Electrophysiology Teaching and Research
  3. Various Studies of Electrical Activity of Muscles with Various Stimuli
  4. Studies of Heart Muscle Responses Before and After Exercise or Mild Stimulant
  1. Specifications:
  2. Power Supply: 9V DC, 560mA
  3. Units: Volts
  4. Resolution: 0.0012 Volts
  5. Accuracy: 1% Full Scale, or Better
  6. Offset: N/A
  7. Gain: 1076
  8. Cut-off Frequency:
    1. Low Pass: 1.6kHz
    2. High Pass: 0.2Hz
  9. Size (H × W × L) (cm): 2.8 × 6.2 × 9.2
  10. Weight: 210gm
  11. Material: Plastic (Black)
  12. Subject Isolation: 1500V rms
  13. Warranty: 1 Year

Two position switch available for easy change between Electrocardiograph and Electromyograph measurements

  1. Software:

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