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S147 Rapid Response O2 / CO2 Analyzer

The S147 Rapid Response O2 / CO2 Analyzer combines both a Laser Diode O2 Sensor and an Infrared CO2 Detector. This Flow-through Analyzer is designed for measurements of rapid changes in O2 and CO2 such as those occurring during O2 uptake and CO2 production from breath by breath measurements of human respiration.

The S147 Rapid Response O2 / CO2 Analyzer has a built-in pump which is set at 300mL/min to draw samples in through the “Gas In” port located on the front of the Analyzer. Gases exit the analyzer through the “Sample Vent” on the back panel. Sampling and exhaust gas should be at or near atmospheric pressure to avoid pressurizing the gas sensors. On the front panel there is a “Ptach” Input to a Differential Pressure Sensor (pneumotachometer) which can be used for measurements such as breath flow. This differential pressure sensor is open to atmosphere through the “Ptach Vent” on the back panel. There are “Zero” and “Span” controls on the front for calibrating the O2, CO2 and Differential Pressure Sensors. “Span” for CO2 and O2 should only be adjusted if calibration gases are available. The pump speed control is located on the front panel and allows ±30ml/min Adjustments from the factory setting of 300ml/min.

The Back Panel of the S147 Rapid Response Analyzer contains the power “on/off” Switch, 12VDC, 5.4A Jack and Three Analog Outputs 0-5V for CO2, O2 and Pressure Signals. Data Collection Cables are provided for Connection to a Data Acquisition System. We recommend the C901 LoggerPro Data Acquisition Software for Data Collection.

  1. Features:
  2. Rapid Response Infrared CO2 Sensor (150ms)
  3. Rapid Response Laser Diode O2 Sensor (140ms)
  4. Differential Pressure Sensor Included
  5. Easy Two Point Calibration
  6. Built-in Gas Pump for Sampling at 300ml/min
  7. 500ml/min Flowmeter included
  1. Applications:
  2. Human Respirometry Measurements
  3. Human Metabolic Rate Measurements
  4. VO2, VCO2, VO2max, Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Measurements
  1. Specifications:
    1. O2 Sensor:
    2. Operating Principle: Infrared Spectroscopy
    3. CO2 Range: 0-10%
    4. Noise (Std. Deviation over 10sec): 0.017%
    5. Drift (change in mean over 1hr): 0.023%
    6. Operating Temperature: 5°C to 55°C
    7. Power Consumption: 335mW
    8. Response Time: (10-90%): 150ms @ 300ml/min Flow
    9. Warm-up time: 5 min
    10. Pressure Correction: 50 to 118KPa
    1. CO2 Sensor:
    2. Operating Principle: Laser Diode - Optical Absorption
    3. Range: 10% to 22% for Breath Analysis (other ranges available as an option)
    4. Noise (Std. Deviation over 10sec): 0.042%
    5. Drift (change in mean over 1hr): 0.015%
    6. Response Time (10-90%): 140ms @ 300ml/min Flow
    7. Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
    8. Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%
    9. Warm-up time: 5 min
    10. Pressure Correction: 20 to 120kPa
  1. Sample Data of Human Breath:

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