Gas Analyzers for Animals / Insects / Plants / Human / Environmental:

S108 Absolute O2 Analyzer

S108 Absolute O2 Analyzer is the most Flexible, Accurate and Affordable Oxygen Analyzer in the market. It uses a Fuel Cell Sensor that operates at Ambient Temperature unlike power hungry Zirconium Sensors that require an on-board furnace. The sensor incorporates Acid Electrolyte and Teflon Diffusion Membrane. Measurements of pO2 are precise across the entire range from 0% to 100%.

For Animal and Human Respirometry, the S108 Absolute O2 Analyzer can be used with our S158 CO2 Analyzer to measure respiratory quotient. For respirometry in smaller or less active organisms, it may be configured in a stop flow or closed gas exchange system. Calibration is easy. All you need is Dry Ambient Air (use a N2 Zero Gas for most Stringent Measurements). Linearity is maintained across the Entire Dynamic Range. We recommend using S108 with our C901 Logger Pro Software or other Data Acquisition Software.

  1. Features:
  2. Switchable Ranges of 0-25% and 0-100% O2
  3. Integrated Pressure Sensor and Correction of Signal
  4. Integrated Gas Pump
  5. Analog Outputs: 0-5V for O2 and P
  6. Response Time: (90%) 12sec
  7. O2 Output Displayed in % or kPa
  8. Pressure Output Displayed (kPa)
  9. Optional Battery Pack for Field Use
  10. Built in Temperature Control and Compensation
  11. Weatherproof Case
  12. Standalone Use or with Software
  1. Applications:
  2. Animal Respiration
  3. Human Respiration
  4. Environmental Monitoring
  5. Field monitoring
  1. Specifications:
  2. Operating Principle: Acid Electrolyte, Teflon Diffusion Membrane
  3. Detection Range: 0-25% and 0-100% O2 (Linear)
  4. Resolution: ±40ppm
  5. Accuracy: ±0.21% of Full Scale
  6. Response Time: (90%) 12 Seconds
  7. Life Expectancy of Sensor: 3-5 Years
  8. Sensor Easily Replaceable
  9. Influence by Other Gases: Ammonia and Ozone
  10. Min. Flow: 5mL/min
  11. Max Flow: 650mL/min
  12. Gas Pump: 0-650ml/min, Default setting of 100ml/min
  13. Built in Total Gas pressure reading at the Sensor and Correction of Signal
  14. Built in Temperature Control and Correction of Signal
  15. Pressure Range: 0.5atm to 1.5atm
  16. Pressure Effect: Output Voltage changes proportionally
  17. Shock Resistant: to 2.7G Avoid Strong Vibration
  18. Operating Temperature: 5 to 40°C (Effective Range)
  19. Weight: 2.45kg
  20. Dimensions (H × W × D) (cm): 27.7 × 25.5 × 11.2
  21. Analog Output: 0 to 5V
  22. Optional Data Interface and Software
  23. Power Supply: 12 Volts
  24. Warranty: 1 Year
  1. Sample O2 and CO2 Data:

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