Gas Analyzers for Animals / Insects / Plants / Human / Environmental:

Q-S127 Methane (CH4) Analyzer 100ppm

Qubit System's provides a Low Level Methane (CH4) Analyzer 0-100ppm that uses a Sensor with a Metal Oxide Semiconductor Layer on an Alumina Substrate with Integrated Heater. The High Resolution of the Sensor (1ppm) allows detection of Low Levels of CH4 which is ideal in Environmental Applications.

The Q-S127 CH4 Analyzer has an Analog Output of 0-5V and should be used with Data Interface and Software. We recommend our C610 LabQuest Mini Interface and Logger Pro Software.

  1. Features:
  2. Low Range flow-through CH4 Analyzer
  3. Ideal for surveys in Environmental Studies
  4. 0-5V Analog Output
  5. Portable
  6. Economical
  1. Applications:
  2. Environmental Studies
  3. Soil Research
  4. Forestry
  5. Human Breath Analysis
  6. Insect Studies
  7. Gas Leak Detection
  1. Specifications:
  2. Detection Principle: Metal Oxide semi-conductor with Heated Alumina Ceramic Tube, flow-through
  3. Range: 0 to 100ppm CH4
  4. Output: 0 to 5V Analog to Digital Interface
  5. Output Sensitive to O2 Concentration, Background Gas, Solvents, H2 Gas, Water Vapour, Temperature and Gas Flow
  6. Resolution: ±1ppm
  7. Response Time (90%): 2 min.
  8. Non-linear Calibration requires gas mixing or Gas Tanks
  9. Operating Temp: 0-60°C
  10. Warranty: 1 Year
  11. Dimensions (H × W × D) (cm): 5.5 to 9.5 × 9.5 × 17
  12. Weight: 1kg
  13. Power Supply: 12V DC

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