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Q-Box NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package

Qubit Systems produces the only complete experimental package Q-Box NF1LP for measurement of Nitrogen Fixation in H2 Producing Legume Symbioses. The unique flow-through H2 sensor (Q-S121) measures the production rate of H2 from N2-fixing tissues, allowing in-vivo measurement of nitrogenase activity in real time. When combined with Qubit Gas Switching System measurements of Nitrogenase activity on upto 3 Plants is possible (4 Channel System including reference)

Measurement of H2 Evolution as a means of determining Nitrogenase activity overcomes all the problems of the traditional acetylene reduction assay. The Q-Box NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package is perfectly safe, non-invasive and allows changes in nitrogenase activity to be observed as they occur.

The Nitrogen Fixation Package contains everything required to conduct numerous laboratory investigations into the physiology and biochemistry of N2 fixation in an open-flow gas exchange system. We even supply legume seeds and innoculum! Calibration of analyzers is simple, set-up time is minimal and experiments are easy to perform. This system is not designed for field use.

  1. Features:
  2. A Flow through Gas Analysis System for measurements in H2 evolving symbioses
  3. Non-invasive Measurements of Nitrogenase Activity from Nodulated Roots
  4. Package includes Gas Exchange Growth Pots, Soybean Seeds and Nodule Innoculum
  1. Applications:
  2. Study Effects of Temperature on Nitrogenase Activity
  3. Study Oxygen Regulation of N2 Fixation
  4. Studies of Electron Allocation Coefficient of Nitrogenase
  5. Study N2 Fixation and Photosynthate Supply
  6. Study Inhibition of N2 Fixation by Fertilizer Supply
  1. Components:
  2. Q-S121 Hydrogen Analyzer (0-100ppm) includes Drying Column
  3. Q-S102 O2 Analyzer 0-100%
  4. C301 Event Switch (Air/Ar)
  5. S132 Temperature Sensor
  6. Q-G267 Pump & Flow Monitor (1L/min)
  7. Q-G268 Pump & Flow Monitor (2L/min)
  8. G122 Large Gas Bags (2)
  9. G132 Plant Growth Pots (4) with Lids and Fittings
  10. G161 Nodule Cuvette
  11. B201 Soybean Seeds
  12. Bradyrhizobium Japonicum Inoculant
  13. C610 LabQuest Mini (3) Data Interface System
  14. C901 Logger Pro Software
  15. C404 Customized Setup Software
  16. Rugged Water-proof case housing all Analyzers and Sensors
  17. Q-Box Accessory Kit
  18. Manual
  19. Optional Component:
    1. Gas Switching System (for up to 4 channels)
  1. Q-Box NF1LP Software:
    1. Software - Data Collection Page:

    1. Template for Calculation of Soil Respiration:

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