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PH1LP Teaching Photosynthesis Package

The PH1LP Photosynthesis Teaching Package has been designed for Teaching Photosynthesis Principles. The package consists of a sealed leaf chamber with a diffusion based O2 sensor. This set up allows measurements of accumulation of O2 at saturating levels of CO2 from a leaf placed in the chamber and illuminated with external LED light source. This package has been designed for teaching purposes only. For research in plant photosynthesis try our Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis Package.

The PH1LP Photosynthesis Teaching Package includes everything required to conduct numerous Experimental Investigations of Photosynthetic Physiology in a Teaching Laboratory including full experimental designs. Only the computer and the plant are required! The PH1LP Package comes with two sets of manuals, one for the instructor and one for the student. These outline equipment specifications and number of experimental designs and protocols that have been tested by Qubit scientists. With PH1LP Photosynthesis Teaching Package instructors spend minimal time setting up experiments and these are easy to perform by the students.

  1. Applications:
  2. Teaching principles of photosynthesis in both entry-level undergraduate courses and research-based upper level biology courses. The Instructor's Manual provides step-by-step protocols for each experiment. It includes suggested variations to make experiments more or less challenging.

  1. Components (The PH1LP Package Includes):
  2. A101 Laboratory Stand
  3. A102 Accessories Bracket
  4. A110 LED Light Source
  5. A112 Voltage Regulator
  6. A211 Leaf Chamber Accessories Kit
  7. G111 Leaf Chamber
  8. G121 Small Gas Bags
  9. G123 12 Straws
  10. S101 Diffusion Based O2 Sensor
  11. S141 Light Sensor
  12. C610 LabQuest Mini Data interface
  13. C901 Logger Pro Software
  14. C404 Customized Setup experimental files
  15. Instructor's and Student's Manuals
  1. Experiments Includes:
  2. Measurements and Characterization of Photosynthesis
  3. Measurements of Light Dependence of Photosynthesis
  4. Light Dependence of Photosynthesis in Sun and Shade Plants
  5. Photosynthesis Characteristics of C3 and C4 Species
  6. CO2 Limitation of Photosynthesis in C3 and C4 Species
  7. The Effect of Wavelength on Photosynthesis
  1. Software:

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